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Wow, its been ages since I posted here. Anyways, its that time of year again -- Yuletide -- and since Yuletide has been magic to me, I am doing it again. :D

Dear Santa,

I say Yuletide has been magic to me because for the two years I have participated, I have gotten two stories at Christmastime and then last year I actually got a bonus story. It has been good to me, even though as I continually tell my roommate [ profile] kindness_says that I don't wanna and that its so much effort.

I do it, and enjoy it, despite myself. ;)

So basics. I would like fluff. If fluff is something you're not feeling, I'm fine with that, but in general, fluffiness makes me happy.

Further information
--> likes
----> sharp dialogue (see The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip)
----> humor (see Friends, Scrubs, Happy Endings for comedies, Doctor Who, Castle, Psych for dramadies, also Eddie Izzard for the kind of sense of humor I have)
----> progression (this is vague, but it means basically I like stories to go from one point to another. I suppose this would mean action happening, but I am good with drabble type things. I will be happy with anything! Just trying to give you ideas)
---->Interesting characters (so you're not working with your own, so this is harder, but I basically mean, if you don't like a character, don't write them. I will be happy with any character from my requests)

--> dislikes
----> I'm not big on smut in general. If you're feeling it though, feel free.
----> I prefer characters to be well thought out if they are going to be doing things you wouldn't seen in the show. I'm not terribly nit picky about cannon/non cannon/au, but it bothers me when characters do things that I can't follow the thought process for, or seems like it is outside the realm of what a character might think. I'm not terribly worried about this, but I thought I should let you know, don't feel confined by cannon-ness.
----> Soap opera style stories. I prefer the low key to the high drama. Yes, I know, I watch Grey's Anatomy but that's cause I started in the second season when it... wasn't as much?

That's about it for the general. Now fandoms.

Once Upon a Time

--> prompts
----> first day on the with Sheriff Graham, from either POV
----> Henry's views on both his mothers
----> What Snow White Did to the Evil Queen
----> Charming's wedding
----> David and Mary Margaret together but not because David is married
----> Emma and Henry in any situation

--> likes
----> Emma and Henry's relationship. I'm not a huge kid person, so I'm surprised how much I enjoy them. Emma's wanting the best for Henry. The way she gives in to him on many things. How smart Henry is. They are just an excellent pair of characters with an adorable relationship.
----> Reginia. Despite the fact that she is portrayed as evil (so in the episode where she kills 'the thing she loves most' I totally thought she should have cut out her own heart, but I suppose this way works too), she does feel like she has flaws and needs in a very human way and I enjoy that, and the complexity it creates.
----> Oh wow do I love the Snow White in this story. She's brave, spunky, charming, and not a damsel in distress. I love her. I also loooooooove the look at the end of Snow Falls between her and James. SO MUCH THERE.
----> Okay, yes, I totally ship Sheriff Graham and Emma Swan. But there isn't much to go on so don't feel like you have to write a fic of them together.

--> other
----> This is a little difficult cause when I write this letter we're all of four episodes in and things will probably change. I hope, Santa, if you are going to do this fandom, that some of this will be useful to you.

Being Human

--> prompts
----> In the Waiting Room
----> The Accidental Kiss this one
----> Anything with George, Mitchell and Annie defending one another
----> Nina and George planning futures

--> likes
----> This show is so darkly funny all the time. I don't know if this is something you feel comfortable doing, but if you can, I would love it.
----> The friendship between George and Mitchell (yes, it is quite shippy I know. If you ship this way, I don't mind, feel free to write it).
----> George. Just... George. He's such a... boy. But he's also so awkward and dweeby and I just love him. Everything about him.
----> Mitchell. He's complicated, interesting and I have said elsewhere either my favorite, or second favorite vampire depiction (he and Spike need to have a battle to determine who would win... Dude, you have full permission to write this fic if you want).
----> Annie and Mitchell. I don't know, just watching the first episode of series three made me WANT THEM.

--> other
----> I love this show, but I've only watched through 3x01. I know some spoilers towards the end of the series (like who leaves), but not how, and if there is any possible way to keep these spoilers quieter that would be great. I will watch it, but I don't know if its going to happen before the new year to be honest.
----> I said above that I'm kind of Annie/Mitchell, but I love Nina/George as well. I would find Mitchell/George interesting and wouldn't mind reading it, but if that is the case, I'd prefer it to be... light... fare.

Lie to Me

--> prompts
----> When They Slept Together
----> Competition in the Work Place
----> Reading each other
----> Christmas Celebrations
----> Five Year Plan

--> likes
----> Ria and Eli are my favorite.
----> I suppose if you don't like them, then Cal/Gillian works. Or Cal/Zoe.
----> I like the dynamics of working with a group of people who can tell your emotions. Gen fic is welcome!

Pushing Daisies

See my icon.

--> prompts
----> bells on slippers
----> stolen kisses
----> pretend time
----> pies

--> likes
----> CHUCK IS THE MOST ADORABLE. Okay, but then you have to add in Olive and that makes things difficult. I love Olive and her face and her voice.
----> Digby!

--> other
----> this is the most useless section of my letter. I apologize. I just love EVERYTHING to do with this show. If this is what we matched on I am sorry. I just love them all. I hope there is something you can get from this...

Um right so. THANK YOU. I AM SURE YOU WILL DO GREAT. I AM VERY EASY TO PLEASE (I'm just trying to give you guidelines. Throw the guidelines out the window if you wish!). Let your imagination run wild!

<33333 THANK YOU.

Date: 2011-11-17 05:54 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kindness_says
HEE!!! I'm so glad my nomming was helpful to you. <3

Date: 2011-11-17 05:54 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kindness_says
...Way more helpful than this letter. -judges you with her eyes-


Date: 2011-11-22 11:11 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kindness_says

you are the rosey of my heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeart


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