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Season One: Hahahaha, you are funny. Ted and Robin won't be together, so why are you so focused on this?
Season Two: Hahahahaha, Oh HIMYM. Lily and Marshall are apart for like, three minutes. They are great together despite this. Robin and Ted are fun together, though again, we know they aren't going to end up together so why are we focusing on them? ROBIN SPARKLES.
Season Three: Robin and Barney sleep together. OMG I LOVE THEM TOGETHER. Ted and Barney friends. Hi Stella, you're cute, I love you Sarah Chalke.
Season Four: Really? Ted gets left at the alter, okay... ROBIN AND BARNEY!!!
Season Five: Train wreck. Really. Train wreck. Let's stop writing Robin as her character.
Season Six: Robin returns to her normal self. The show is good. Still laughing.
Season Seven: Yay, Robin growing up and making the right choice for herself and going with Kevin (WHO I LOVE OKAY GUYS I WANT HIM TO BE AROUND ALL THE TIME BUT HOW CAN I ACCOMODATE ROBIN AND BARNEY AND KEVIN COMPLICATED FEELINGS). And then... the mid season finale.


So I'm writing (was writing, I haven't touched it in a while) a sitcom about six friends in their twenties right out of college. I have one characters -- Dylan -- who thinks babies are terrifying. Dylan is based on me, and she is quite like Robin. In my random day dreaming of scripts I thought about getting her pregnant. Story-wise it would have made sense, because I would plan it for the last couple of seasons and babies always appear there, but also because it would mark a transition from "twenties" to "thirties" and it was about an arc etc. But Kat pointed out to me that if Robin were to get pregnant on HIMYM accidentally, I would freak out.

Betrayal of the character for advancement of drama isn't a good way to write a show.

Hi HIMYM, I'm talking to you. WTF? You were doing so well. Robin was growing in a way that made sense (I was soooooo proud of her for choosing Kevin. I think that Robin and Barney are great together, and they have so much going for them, but Barney needs to be able to express this properly before they get together again and Kevin is there). And then you had to go ruin it.

So, you're going for the drama then HIMYM? Its so gratuitous and over done and cliche. And you've broken my trust with Robin before, so I don't think you're going to make it an interesting examination of how Robin will deal with this -- you're going to make it cliche and take Robin's character away from her.

I just... Whhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy?
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