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Dear Yuletide Santa,

My mother always tells me to write thank you notes once I've received a gift -- like right away before anything else can happen and you forget who gave you the gift. I'm not terribly concerned that I'll forget who gave me this gift (for one thing, The Reveal has yet to happen, and for another, even if I did forget I could look you up. HELLO INTERNET I LOVE YOU), but I am always of the opinion that right now is better (... for thank yous? I mean, generally I am an impatient person when it comes to personal gain... though I am extremely patient in other parts of my life). POINT I WANTED TO WRITE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL AND FULL OF LOVE FOR THIS.

Um, but its me, so its not going to be beautiful. JUST FULL OF LOVE.

- Beginning: OMG I LOVE THE DESCRIPTION OF MARY MARGARET. The prim dresses and the pixie cut and afihwrghrghtgt NO WORDS. Just, perfect words for her. And the sad longing feeling in the second paragraph = <3
- I LOVE that Kathryn isn't a bitch in Storybrooke. It feels so real and so painful for both of them and all torn up inside for you as you watch them because Mary Margaret is supposed to be with David, but still, Kathryn's not a terrible person! I like that you made that happen!
- RESTRAINING ORDER! I giggled like a loon. Emma is just so great, and in character (everyone is, but I feel like Emma would have been hardest for me to get and you totally nailed her).
- "coward once again". Just. Great.
- The lovely aching wanting feeling that you've got, interwoven with the fact that these are good people. Its just lovely.
- Sadness and hope and everything wrapped up together! SO MUCH LOVE.

So, yes, you have totally made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.
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