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Really livejournal? The fan fiction debate is up on the main page.

On the plus side, the ones I like tend to be for fan fiction. Though it does irritate me that people call fan fiction a waste of time, because you should be putting that effort into your own book.

Some people don't want to have their own books. Some people aren't ready. I wrote fan fiction (and still do sometimes) as practice for the real books. Fan fiction was probably where I learned the most about writing, and got the most positive feedback for what I was doing (which boggles my mind btw, because WHAT THE FUCK WAS I WRITING BACK THEN!? No seriously, my most popular fanfic was CRAZY insane with terrible characters... but moving on).

You know what published authors who don't like fan fiction -- you don't want to share your world (Ursula LeGuin I'm looking at you) -- DON'T PUT IT OUT THERE. If its your world, then you shouldn't have fucking published it. No one sees the world you've painted exactly the same -- that's the joy of books.

Ugh. This drives me crazy. Why are authors who've sold many many books such bit pricks. They probably could't tell you why they've sold so many books (Stephanie I'm looking at you). Unless you're Stephen King and endowed with special insight from YEARS of publishing book after book after book, I don't really want to listen to you on the craft of writing, because let's be honest -- you probably had no clue what you were doing right.

So, stop judging the fan fiction community and claiming some superiority to them. They love you. That should be fucking enough.

In other news... RP still is eating my life. :|


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