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Dangnabbit! I didn't finish in time for assignments! Apologies, I have rectified.

Oh wow, is it that time of year again? I'd completely forgotten. Admittedly, last year was different for... some reason? I've been told that it was different anyways. Something about late sign ups or early -- couldn't really tell. I pretty much do this when told. WOOPS, should be better and not say things like that. (LOOK KAT, NOT EVEN BLAMING YOU FOR THIS THIS YEAR).

The Basics
I'm going to be happy with whatever you give me. I'm serious. Anything! I'm not at all picky (despite what is coming up). But I know when you're writing something for a complete stranger, sometimes you need a little guidance. Anyways, I hope this is useful, and not scary. Feel free to ignore what I say completely and write what ever you would like! In fact, please do!

Things I Like (I'm copying and pasting a little from last year's letter)
I did an OTP meme last year, and it turns out that I have a couple of things that are common. Cannon pairings tend to be pretty golden for me (though occasionally I branch out and like other pairings). I also really enjoy couples that bicker. A lot. But here's a list, in no particular order, of things I enjoy.
-- sharp dialogue (see The West Wing, Studio Sixty on the Sunset Strip, and anything from Whedonverse)
-- humor (see Friends, Scrubs, Happy Endings for comedies, Doctor Who, Castle, Psych for dramadies, also Eddie Izzard for the kind of sense of humor I have)
-- progression (this is vague, but it means basically I like stories to go from one point to another. I suppose this would mean action happening, but I am good with drabble type things. I will be happy with anything! Just trying to give you ideas)
-- Interesting characters (so you're not working with your own, so this is harder, but I basically mean, if you don't like a character, don't write them. I will be happy with any character from my requests)
-- Unique forms of writing. I love when people get creative with story telling. That being said, I also love normal, point a to point b stories. I have a thing for clever story telling in general as well.

optional I love crossovers. Not saying you have to do one, but if you have an idea for one, feel free.

My Tumblr gets weird usage, but has my fandom squealing and ridiculousness. If you'd like to look at it.

Things I'm Not a Huge Fan Of
-- I'm not big on smut in general. If you're feeling it though, feel free.
-- I prefer characters to be well thought out if they are going to be doing things you wouldn't seen in the show. I'm not terribly nit picky about cannon/non cannon/au, but it bothers me when characters do things that I can't follow the thought process for, or seems like it is outside the realm of what a character might think. I'm not terribly worried about this, but I thought I should let you know, don't feel confined by cannon-ness.
-- Character bashing. Let's keep it positive ;)
-- erm, no, that covers it.

Right, on to the actual requests, and heres to hoping I haven't scared you away already. I'm putting up prompts only cause I figure its something to spark you. Don't need to do any of them.

Pushing Daisies (copied from last year with edits)
--> prompts
----> bells on slippers
----> stolen kisses
----> pretend time
----> pies

--> likes
----> The mechanics of Ned and Chuck's relationship, how they manage to live together, and then when they don't, the stolen kisses and the ways they deal with not touching.
----> There is something beautifully sad about Olive's crush on Ned, but I like her letting go of it.
----> This shows very quirky sense of humor.

--> other
----> I will literally be happy with anything you come up with. I love this show dearly and love the characters in it.

How I Met Your Mother
--> prompts
----> little looks that say everything, taking forever
----> all the ways you hurt me
----> all the ways you get me
----> how we got anywhere

--> likes
----> I'm a big gen fan on this fandom, so pretty much ANYTHING will make me happy.
----> Robin/Barney. They have so much in common and so many ways they could have gone. The way the show handled it, I was not pleased with. I'm still not entirely sure I believe they can make it work now.
----> Robin/Kevin. Gotta say, I love Kal Penn incredibly, which helped me warm up to Robin/Kevin very quickly. I also appreciated how they handled his arc in the show and really, really wish they had been able to make it work.
(note: Robin is probably the character on TV that I most relate to (not all the time). If you don't like her, then probably best to stay away from Robin fic. LUCKILY, I also adore:)
----> Lily and Marshall. I love them and their crazy, but real love story (apart from when they broke up, that was weird). Anything with them is good, but I love when they are "the parents" to the group and it get played with in very literal ways. I would a little bit like to see this turned on its head, with them acting like moody teenagers, but am not entirely sure how that would play out.

--> other
----> The thing about HIMYM is, you could ship almost any of them with each other. If it makes sense to you and it works go ahead. I really won't mind *shifty grin*

Young Wizards
--> prompts
----> in the beginning
----> Carl and Tom: the college years
----> secrets and lies (or trying to avoid the lies)

--> likes
----> Oh Young Wizards. I tried to write something neat and succinct and it turned into me writing a love song to this series. Anyways, trying to avoid that. I love this series for many reasons, but the major thing is that the characters have grown and changed over nine books. They are so very relatable, and human.
----> kay moving on from general stuff, Tom and Carl. My heart grows a little every time I remember that they are confirmed to be "together". Like a lot. I love them and their partnership, and the way they treat one another, with that joking trust, and how they are the role models of adult wizardry. I have plans in my head for writing a very long and annoying fic (you know, in my spare time), where they met in college, and were roommates, trying to keep each other from finding out about their wizardry, and going on from there -- because people aren't born Seniors, and I feel like their story is just as interesting as the present story. Um, but I also would enjoy them just being together and their general bickering and cuteness.
----> Dairine and Roshaun are my other big ship. Like, they make me ridiculously happy (though it gets MUCH weirder with Diane changing the timeline on us and Dairine now being 11, or whatever -- btw, have not read the new Millennium stuff yet, but want to. I feel like there would be a lot to enjoy about it). I'd love anything with Dairine looking for Roshaun, thinking about him, what have you. Even if you're not into them being romantically linked, I like their friendship and the way they challenge one another. Speaking of which, this showed up on my dash and it has a lot of thoughts I have about them. And she says it better, so I'm linking.
----> Nita/Kit. It had to come up eventually. I... am okay with them these days. I used to hate them, but I've come around, only because of the end of Wizard of Mars, where they are GREAT. But uh, eh. If you'd like to write them FEEL FREE. If something else doesn't grab you.
----> I would also love gen.

Now I feel like Young Wizards has taken up a much larger portion of my letter then the others. DON'T WORRY, its not that I love it more then the rest, I just have so many FEELINGS about it because, to be honest, there is more of it.

--> prompts (super late, but if you're like me, you're still struggling along and maaaaaybe this will be useful)
----> nooks and cranies
----> Meeting Deryn's family
----> over the egg

--> likes
----> Erm, this post explains all my hopes and dreams. I hope.
----> also my icon, and the title of my journal
----> Nora Barlow kicks ass.
----> as does Deryn. [/useless]


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