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So where have I been since NaNo? Well, this is a good question. I suppose the simple answer is holed up in my room working... slash playing Sims 2 which Liisa brought down at Thanksgiving. Sims 2 is awesome.

I've also been writing a little. I'm trying to finish up my NaNo. I've got 2,000 words in and about, less then a milimeter into the plot for part two. But you know, these things happen.

Me and Kat have been rewatching Grey's Anatomy season 2, Liisa, Katelyn and I have gone ice skating. I've run out of money. This is what's been happening. My life is boring -- hence no posts.
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So, my iPod, the one thing that will prevent me from killing my brother while we are in Scotland and on all the car drives around the place, is acting up. It won't update, so I had to restore it yesterday. Now, you might not be aware, but updating an iPod takes a while. It takes 5 seconds per song, five minutes for a thirty minute TV show, 10 for an hour long show (they are more like twenty, forty, but you get the idea) and who knows how long for a movie. So in total, my iPod needs about 23 hours to completely do what I want it to do. I wanted to get all of Scrubs on there, and Bones, and then still had room for Heroes, which I need to finally watch.

I restore the iPod, and connect it up to the laptop and wait. Six hours later it starts complaining, there are noises like what happened before I restored it, and it says that the iPod isn't connected. I get angry. I take the iPod out, put it back in after a short break and go to bed.

I wake up and NOTHING has happened, because iTunes wanted me to answer a question before it DID anything. So now I don't know what I have on the thing and am trying very hard to not just dump it all and go with what I have. -.-

I hate this.


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