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Holy frick, Wednesday is going to be my last day working at ANMS. Weird.
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So. Prom.

I had fun. I am soooo glad I brought Eddie. I don't think I spent alot of my time with him, but he's fun, easy to talk to, and was someone that I could make fun of things like slow dances with, and still slow dance with. We waltzed for a few songs and I kept forgetting I was the girl. I have problems with that. When I learned to dance, I was always the boy because I was taller then most of the girls in my grade (lie, I was the tallest).

I was socail. *gasp shock*

I think the thing about this year is that I've finally become somewhat more comfortable with myself, and am fine with making a fool of myself in the more typical fashions -- dancing poorly, and making fun of myself -- because I was fine with odd clothes and having a strange way of talking (I don't actaully mind when people point out things like the fact that I say "road" instead of "street" all the time) and basically making a fool of myself in other ways. I want to be myself, and I don't want other people to tell me who I am.

The other thing about this year is that I was able to branch out. Tanzania gave me a base for knowing that I do actaully like people, and I'm confident that I'm slightly strange, yes, but people like me. Not everyone obviously, but there are more people in the world then two who like me. This being said, it does not mean that I can be with people all the time. I do need a little time to myself. Not alot, but I need a breather every now and then. Anyways. Tanzania helped me incredibly, and then Shadow Box increased that. I feel better about myself, I feel as if I might be able to manage next year. I will not shut down. I hope I won't.

Anyways. Prom.

So yesterday was blah. I woke Kat up and we went to get our nails done in West Newton, and a ton of people were there. Then we went to Anna's (despite the fact that we shouldn't have been eating, har har) and then we came back and Kat showered and I walked Tillie down to the nail place (in the rain) and got my cell phone, which I had left there, of course. Then we went to Sakara's and tried to do Kat's hair. This failed. She just has too much of it. Then I went home and drove Jasper to the library. Missed VIBE pictures, but it wasn't much according to others, so its all right. Hmmm.

Then I came home and did my make up and fixed up my bag. Then dad came home, took pictures and then I went to Kat's. We had decided that Aaron would drive us all, because parking is ridiculously expensive. Kat's parents took pictures of us. Then Aaron arrived, and there was a long discussion of how to put the boutteniere in. It was amusing. Then we went to get Eddie at his mother's house. His aunt was there and was like "You know I went to prom with an Eddie, his uncle." She was cute -- despite the fact that Eddie doesn't like her. Then we had to go to Eddie's dad's for photos. Then we left.

Prom was alot of dancing and wandering around between groups of people (sort of) -- Martha, Nathan, Lily, Eddie, and so on, then the Melly, Carly kind of world, and Kat finally, who is a world into herself :P. Someone passed out in the bathroom, that was fun. -.-

Then we left. Me and Eddie made fun of dancing -- did it anyway -- I talked to people and it was good. But that was prom. It was uneventful for an event. I think mostly because its one of those things you wait for, but its just not that good when you get to it. It might also be along the lines of that I went with a friend and not with a BOY, which might change things. ;)

Celebration was irritating I think. I went to Spon Gen because it was cool in LT. It was funny, but everyone was so tired, so it wasn't as good as it could have been. S'all right. Nathan looked so tired, poor baby.

Kat slept over after and I slept till like 11. It was strange. I usually don't sleep that late.

That was prom. MY CAMERA broke and I was PISSED OFF. It was really annoying and I thought I might kill something. Its super irritating because I was excited to document something myself. Ah well.
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I am writing really long, really personal letters to people instead of signing their year books. If you want one, comment here and I'll write one to you. This is more so that I don't forget someone because I have about fifty people on my list of letters so far and need people to double check it for me. It needs to happen before Friday, Senior lunchon.

*sniff* Last pysch class.
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I go through phases with music -- in case you didn't notice. Most recently, my favorite song was 9 Crimes by Damien Rice. But then I got involved with The Walk by Imogen Heap. The Walk felt very good for not only the Adair/Tristin situation, but for my own situation -- that I am not going to talk about but the song doesn't explain the situation... it just feels good -- mostly because of the line it's not meant to be like this, it's not what I planned at all. Anyways, the song recently changed from The Walk to Swing Life Away by Rise Against. I feel it says something about what's going on in my life when my favorite song creeps up from 0 plays to 123.

Actaully Swing Life Away is a perfect song for the end of high school. Its just so... right. Anyway. I love it. I wanted to share.

Also, remember Bryan? Remember him? From freshman year? Yes, the red head who was really tall and who I proceeded to make fun of? Yep. Him. He contacted me through facebook.... and I did something stupid. I opened up the discussion I dread by saying "Sorry for the shitty way I treated you when we broke up."

I don't want to have to explain to him that he was clingy and annoying and I lied about loosing the internet and then made fun of all his letters... Just because that seems mean and I am mean, but I don't want to tell him... Meh.

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So, having second thoughts about prom. I don't really want to go. In fact, I really dont want to go. Its so much effort. Dress, beforehand, afterwards, a lot of time, all those people who are just... there. Meh.

I don't want to have to deal with it as a sort of good bye. Plus then, there is just be being anti-socail slash, not knowing where I want to fit in, or even if I want to fit in and Eddie. I mean, it will be fun with Eddie, but it means I have chosen where I will be, what group because, I can't bring Eddie and be with certain people who don't know him. *sigh*

I'm driving to prom. I'm not getting a limo and spending inordinate amounts of money. I made my dress. Its almost there. I just have to sew up the back... add in a zipper, hem everything, make it look nice. Buy shoes. Ew. So much to do, so much that I just don't want to do.

I also think it has something to do with the fact that I don't want this to be the end of the year. I don't want to graduate. But the thing is, I do. I'm so excited to LEAVE. I want to get out of here, go down to DC and start again. To do it right... not that I did it wrong here, but sometimes... sometimes I feel as if I did.

I've got some friends,
some that I hardly know
But we've had some times,
I wouldn't trade for the world
We chase these days down with talks
of the places that we will go
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So, DC was good. I mean, it was amazing and I think that American is the way I am going. However, there are other things on my mind.

Virginia Tech Response )

There's already a Wikipedia entry on it. Oh god.

Now about the trip.

Weather delayed us at the air port on Sunday evening. We were supposed to be off the ground at 8:30pm and instead we started to leave at 11pm. Then the power to get us to the runway failed and we had to go back. So the upshot of all that is that we didn't land until 12:30. It was freezing down there, mostly because of the wind, and not as freezing as up here, but still cold. And so we were waiting for the avis bus, because we rented.

Well we didn't get to the hotel until 3:30pm and it was not fun. Then we got up at 8:00 because we had to go to the campus. I love American. It really was amazing to be there and look around and DC is amazing and I think my educational and socail life would be greatly aided by going to American. QED. But, we must be careful and check UVM beforehand.

Anyways, so then we checked out flights out, to print out our boarding passes and OUR FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED. So there was alot of annoyance and anger and so on and so forth and yeah. We had to get up at 3 this morning in order to get to the airport in time for our flight out. I loved the school, but the travelling bit was RIDICULOUS and really annoying.

Anyways, that's it for today.


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