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So I'm doing research on the candidates for 2008. I decided to look into contraversies because really all I care about is if a sitting president decides that abortion is illegal, or if they support the war too strongly, and they care something about the enviroment. Why? Becuase it doesn't matter which side they are on, they will all end up making decisions I disagree with.

Now, here's the thing, some of these things are RIDICULOUS. So ridiculous, I decided to share with you.

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Some contraversies:

Her Name: She supposedly made up a story about why she was named Hillary. Okay, wonderful, now I don't think I'll vote for her.

Country Music: She made ONE comment about staying with Bill that degraded country music. People responded by accusing her of being tone deaf to the national sensiblity of music. HORROR. I don't like country music, Hillary gains one point for me. -.-

Kissing another wife of state: Hillary kissed someone on the cheek after denouncing them. This is SUCH A BIG DEAL. I CAN'T BELIEVE I DIDN'T KNOW!

She put on a Yankees cap: HORROR AND DEATH. I CAN'T VOTE FOR HER NOW BECAUSE SHE WORE A YANKEES CAP. They claim that she is flip flopping between being a Cubs fan and trying to get political help by donning the cap. NO DUH. I get that she's trying to help out her cause, she at least knew she was in New York and not in Boston.

She showed clevage when speaking to the senate: WHAT? WOMEN HAVE BREASTS? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN?

I think I'm voting for Obama. He's young, he grew up in a diverse world, he would be an awsome president. I think.


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