Aug. 19th, 2010 09:44 am
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I was at school as a Campus Host, only we were in New York, or maybe Philadelphia, but it wasn't DC, when Sammie came to see me. She was with a bunch of friends and my mother was there. At some point someone said that they had to throw Sammie a bachelorette party and I was confused because I didn't know Sammie was getting married. Then she looked uncomfortable and told me that she was marrying Dave Harris and hadn't wanted to upset me, so I ran away and got on a motorcycle. I was in Newton, on my street and my dad wanted to know where I was going. I drove until I found somewhere to hide, under sheets and behind chicken wire. Sammie followed me and I told her I wasn't upset because she was marrying Dave Harris, my ex-boyfriend, but because she hadn't trusted me to tell me. Sammie handed me a card, saying it was from the person I knew, and when I opened it the card was from Lindsay, telling me that she wanted to hear about Alice and Ian and Molly. I was in a castle and there was a painting of a monster, shadowed by a man, shadowed by an elephant shadowed by a giant bug. It was a painting, and I was in my apartment and it was morning -- late morning -- I got up and went out and saw that my roommate had moved in, and Sarah (my roommate from last year) was helping her, and I thought it strange that I didn't know she was moving in. I found a bottle of vodka in my room and took it out to the kitchen. I went to see John Quast (Resident Director on Tenley) in my kitchen at home. I put on a blue, itchy sweater and John complained that Caitlin wanted things. I offered to bring them to her, and John said thanks, and handed me a plastic Starbucks cup with whiskey in it and told me to go. I woke up and looked at the clock and it said it was midday and my hand hurt. I decided to go back to sleep.

I woke up at 9:15 and stared at my clock confused.


Oct. 2nd, 2009 10:39 am
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I was living in Hughes. Sarah had moved out and I was getting a new roommate. I went to the grocery store and I wanted to get chocolate pudding. Whipped cream was $10.38 and I was horrified. I needed a vacuum cleaner, but didn't get one. I was by Leonard (which was also down by facilities management and the amphitheater) and I saw a tour group and felt guilty for not giving tours. I was chased by three boys who had just gotten out of karate to Hughes and I was going to talk to the person at the front desk, but the elevator came and so I jumped in it and pressed the wrong button (3). I went to the sixth floor, but in order to get to the sixth floor a rubber, clinging thing had to come down and suck you up. Liz was there, telling about how its awful to live on the sixth floor. I went down again and into my room where my new roommate had taken over everything. She had put her TV in the place for it, and dumped my refrigerator in a corner and taken my TV away and I was super pissed.

Then I woke up.
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I was dreaming about how Lousia wanted to buy a new car. We were in a parking lot and she kept gravitating to a really expensive one. I didn't know how she was going to pay for it. She did, we got in and drove away. In a house downtown we were in training. Clif was living in the room where we were training -- which had all my stuff in it (or the important stuff, TV and DVDs). I had to move it during a break, but I couldn't find a cart. In the playground there were carts but there were also people. I picked up a cart and realized I had forgotten my ID inside so I followed someone closely and just missed the door, but a nice young man opened the door for me and I went in. I went downstairs, even though I knew the training space was upstairs and ran into the Italian teacher from North who yelled at me in Italian. I hurried away, carrying all my stuff.

I think I woke up there and realized it was 7:30 and I didn't have an 8:30. Went back to sleep annnd:

I was Davey from Anne of Green Gables -- but then I wasn't because she was cutting off his ear and making a replacement ear while I came down from my bed. He had a stuffed monkey (I had a stuffed monkey?) I left the house and went down the road and everyone was listening to tapes to teach them different languages. So I went back and the stuffed monkey had turned into a real monkey. It was leaping around and being annoying. I wanted nothing to do with this monkey.

I woke up then. It was sunny and bright.

I'm a senior. How weird is that?

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May. 9th, 2009 10:37 am
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I was at home. I had come home for some reason with all my stuff. My DVDs were everywhere. I needed to pack though, because I was going back to school. I had to create bags upon bags to fit all my stuff. I went into my brother's room to get more bags and found all my stuff in his closet. I put bottles in bags and tried to get downstairs with everything. It was very heavy. My mother explained that she didn't have a car. For some reason Toni and Rossi Dunkin-Brown were there. Rossi said we could use his hot air balloon. My mother and I got in and went up in the air. We floated along slowly, and pretty low to the ground. I saw snow forming in the sky -- crystals growing like poetry. That meant it was winter. I asked my mother if Josh and Molly, my cousins, would be coming for Christmas, like she promised. My mother said something about splitting tickets and yes, yes they were coming. We got to Boston, but it wasn't quite Boston, anyways, she put me down in the North End for some reason. I was still carrying all my bags and had to get on the T.

This is when I went into a store and it was my mother's store. I lost the bags and I had to explain to a woman who looked like Sookie from Gilmore Girls, that I would be taking over for my mother. I was staring at a book that explained waste and trying to figure out how to order when Richard and Emily came in and took me away. I was Rory Gilmore then. I had dress up clothes in my bags. They were huge, poofy things. I showed them off to Richard and Emily. Richard got mad, then explained to me that he hated the social scene.

Then I woke up. I haven't watched Gilmore Girls in months. Weird... Ah well, third stress dream this week involving my mother.
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I was on a train in new york, though it was above ground, so maybe it was Chicago or something. Anyways, I was on a train and we were being told about the campus host position. Joss Whedon was there and he sat down next to me. He started by saying that we were all great but only some of us would manage to get to be a campus host. I was nervous and sudden Joss said that one of the applicants has said something interesting, about the capacity of the campus host as an RA, me. I started to worry that this was going to affect me getting the job. I distinctly remember thinking "well, at least I got noticed" though I wasn't sure if it was a good or bad thing.

The train disappeared then and suddenly we were all in the ocean. It was pretty clear and there was a giant skull and cross bones down there. Brendon (from Tanzania) was there and he was telling us to avoid that area. Suddenly he duck dived down and pressed the bottom. Me and another girl (I can't tell if it was Kristina, my bio lab partner for the zebrafish experiment, or Lela, the girl who really annoyed me last year, or maybe a mixture of the two) both followed him. This brown stuff came up from where he impacted and up above the water he explained that it wasn't dangerous to certain people, but it was dangerous so no one was allowed near there.

Then we were all living underwater. We had to get food, but we had to keep going up to the surface for air. There was this group that was killing off people with a power. My cousins came and visited me. Josh and Faith, and Letty. They were in a car and I was in the house with one of the girls with power. Other people of power were coming to us. There was a little boy. A father -- Brendon appeared with his little boy from the ocean. He was crying, and the other little boy was running away from a killer and Brendon offered his little boy to the killer to save the other's life.

Then a cab outside my window went insane and I woke up and it was 5 am and the cab would not stop honking its horn. Austin, who lives down the hall from me, got up and went to yell at the cab (oh so stupid a plan) and I dunno quite what happened. I headed downstairs to ask it someone had called public safety. Mel said yes so I went back to bed.

Still, weird night. Weird dream. It feels like it wants to be written... I just don't know how.
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I was supposed to be driving to see Sammie, who for some reason was in Vermont, but first I had to steal a small wooden table from a pottery painting shop with Michaela so that Kat's dad wouldn't hate me anymore. So we ran into the shop and got into an argument with a random woman there about taking the table. Then it turned out she had a nicer table so we could rent the wooden one. We hurried out and had to run across a bridge in Providence to get back to the car, where it turned out that my boyfriend -- who was Marshall from HIMYM -- was there and his entire family was there. We started driving only, it turned out that we had to stop somewhere so his dad could do some fixing generally. I offered to go find coffee with Jane and we set off (I didn't know Jane was there until that point). We were driving around all these dinky little streets with no tarmak when I suddenly reveal to Jane that we've been driving backwards the entire time. We hurry back to where Marshall's family is still fixing something. We get back into the car and for some reason I am driving. We end up on the highway, and I get off of the highway around my hometown's highway stop, to get coffee. I end up in a hotel room and fall asleep, only to wake up to discuss how we haven't really gone anywhere with Dany. We leave again, only take a short cut and end up in a ravine with wolves coming after us. I explain that wolves can eat humans through cars -- and they begin to close in on us.

Then I woke up. I think my psyche has become even weirder then ever.

A Dream

Oct. 9th, 2008 08:52 am
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I had a hole in my foot as a result of a sting ray. It went right through as well and wouldn't stop bleeding. We went to House, and somehow in this process I got a cell phone. I kept trying to call Liisa even though my brother was there. House puts a bandage on my foot, sends me home. I get home and it still hasn't stopped bleeding, but before I can go back to the doctor, I have to move a barbie doll set and some cups cakes from room to room for one of my mother's friend's children. I do so and leave for the hospital, but some how end up in Glasgow with Louisa and an iPhone and my iTouch. My dad is explaining that we will have to get on an airplane. Meanwhile my foot is still bleeding. We get to a library where a girl that I believe I am writing, tells me in order to get to the doctor, I have to read the New Moon series. I can't find the first book, and I express that I don't want to read it, so I pick up a book that encompasses all of the Abhorsen trilogy, and trialling blood, exit to the children's library and find my brother there, reading. He and Dany are fighting, because he wanted to play Adair's brother (Adair does not have a brother) and Dany does not want him to. I tell them to do whatever and sit down.

It was a WEIRD dream.
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I woke up this morning after having a strange dream in which Kat and I were trying to get somewhere, but then Giuliana, who is one of the DRs at school who is really super nice and lives on my floor and I like, want to be really good friends with her, but like, don't want to force my way into her life so it probably won't happen, appears and took me to a cliff where she pushed me off of it. Then I was in my room at school, which was connected to the house at home, and I was smoking immense quantities of pot, stolen from my brother. Clearly. And I realized that Jekyll and Hyde is finally out of my head.

And it made me sad.
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I have three recurring dreams.

The first one is I'm lost in a shoe/second hand shop. Generally I've flown there -- not in a plane, but just a little ways above grassy fields with purple and white flowers. I tend to find fabric of some sort there, and all my friends are with me. We have no idea where we are -- we aren't worried though. I think this is a good dream -- its only slightly stressful, and I get to fly in it.

The second is I'm working backstage on a show, but I'm also the understudy. I haven't learned my lines -- clearly -- no one gets sick. But then someone does and I am made to go on stage. The funny thing about this dream is that I go on stage and then generally, come back, without knowing if I knew my lines or not, it skips over the being in front of the audience, and just stays in the behind the scenes portion of the world. It is strange. Its an anxiety dream clearly, though a strange one.

The third I know I have quite often but after a while I forget it. I had it recently, but have since forgotten.

I wish I could remember it.


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