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So where have I been since NaNo? Well, this is a good question. I suppose the simple answer is holed up in my room working... slash playing Sims 2 which Liisa brought down at Thanksgiving. Sims 2 is awesome.

I've also been writing a little. I'm trying to finish up my NaNo. I've got 2,000 words in and about, less then a milimeter into the plot for part two. But you know, these things happen.

Me and Kat have been rewatching Grey's Anatomy season 2, Liisa, Katelyn and I have gone ice skating. I've run out of money. This is what's been happening. My life is boring -- hence no posts.
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So there's this girl in two of my classes who is nice enough -- but she is a complete idiot and ANNOYS THE HELL OUT OF ME.

Okay, her name is Lela, she lives across the hall from me and she went to boarding school for highschool. And the thing that bothers me about her is that she just has no socail sense of what is okay and what is not. Which is why people make fun of her... I feel bad about that, but I mean --

So today we're going to an inner city school (or the hood as Byc would say), to learn about poverty (... I don't know how I feel about this) and Lela raises her hand in class yesterday and asks if we can take pictures, as if we're going to the zoo or something.

Its that kind of thing. And its annoying.

Other then that, things are going well enough. Me and Clare have both contracted a cold -- though Clare has gotten the raw deal with a worse cold. Its not cool.

What is cool is the weather. I thought I was down south! I thought that the weather would stay warm until October, but noooooo, its down to the 50's and they HAVEN'T TURNED OFF THE AIR CONDITIONING. Luckily our room always gets sun (southward facing don't you know) and so its alot warmer in our room then out in the hall.

All right, that's about it for now. I'm coming home in 24 days and am wicked excited. I get to see people!!!


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