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I go through phases with music -- in case you didn't notice. Most recently, my favorite song was 9 Crimes by Damien Rice. But then I got involved with The Walk by Imogen Heap. The Walk felt very good for not only the Adair/Tristin situation, but for my own situation -- that I am not going to talk about but the song doesn't explain the situation... it just feels good -- mostly because of the line it's not meant to be like this, it's not what I planned at all. Anyways, the song recently changed from The Walk to Swing Life Away by Rise Against. I feel it says something about what's going on in my life when my favorite song creeps up from 0 plays to 123.

Actaully Swing Life Away is a perfect song for the end of high school. Its just so... right. Anyway. I love it. I wanted to share.

Also, remember Bryan? Remember him? From freshman year? Yes, the red head who was really tall and who I proceeded to make fun of? Yep. Him. He contacted me through facebook.... and I did something stupid. I opened up the discussion I dread by saying "Sorry for the shitty way I treated you when we broke up."

I don't want to have to explain to him that he was clingy and annoying and I lied about loosing the internet and then made fun of all his letters... Just because that seems mean and I am mean, but I don't want to tell him... Meh.

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So, DC was good. I mean, it was amazing and I think that American is the way I am going. However, there are other things on my mind.

Virginia Tech Response )

There's already a Wikipedia entry on it. Oh god.

Now about the trip.

Weather delayed us at the air port on Sunday evening. We were supposed to be off the ground at 8:30pm and instead we started to leave at 11pm. Then the power to get us to the runway failed and we had to go back. So the upshot of all that is that we didn't land until 12:30. It was freezing down there, mostly because of the wind, and not as freezing as up here, but still cold. And so we were waiting for the avis bus, because we rented.

Well we didn't get to the hotel until 3:30pm and it was not fun. Then we got up at 8:00 because we had to go to the campus. I love American. It really was amazing to be there and look around and DC is amazing and I think my educational and socail life would be greatly aided by going to American. QED. But, we must be careful and check UVM beforehand.

Anyways, so then we checked out flights out, to print out our boarding passes and OUR FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED. So there was alot of annoyance and anger and so on and so forth and yeah. We had to get up at 3 this morning in order to get to the airport in time for our flight out. I loved the school, but the travelling bit was RIDICULOUS and really annoying.

Anyways, that's it for today.


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