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I'm starting to write down the dates when I finish things for myself. I will include re-reads. First time reads will be bolded. Audiobooks will be included and marked with a *.

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I am officially twenty years old. Actually I was officially twenty almost seven hours ago (eastern time I was born on the twenty fifth at 10:19pm, but I was really born on the twenty sixth, 3:29am in GMT), but for now we will say I am twenty.

Its late, or early. I haven't slept in almost 20 hours, a tidy number that I appreciate. I will head to bed soon to keep the numbers straight.

But first -- I feel that as I am now 20, I should write a list of life goals to accomplish in the next ten years of my life. Thirty seems so far away already, but time passes quickly -- or slowly. I thought at 10 that 20 was too close.

Five Things I want to do before I'm thirty:
1. Publish a novel.
2. Live in a country other then America and England for at least half a year.
3. Learn to save money.
4. Live on my own without relying on my parents' help.
5. Remember to live life to what you dream it to be.
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MasterCard Commercial:

Registration Fee: $50
Printing Costs: $13
Postage: $11.43
Finishing a Novel in Three Days: Priceless.
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I want to write about:
The idea of traditions and place in the world demanding of someone something they don’t want to give.
Lovers who can’t be together not because of families, but because of their opposing sides
Already trained people.
A system of hierarchy that is different and needs to be created
Horrors and ghouls – the nice stuff as well.
Strategy as opposed to all out force
The groups’ destiny
Prophecies that aren’t fulfilled
Surprises you don’t see coming
Surprises that are believable and could see coming, but don’t.
Consistent characters
The fine line between madness and brilliance
The fine line between love and hate
Ambiguous lines between good and evil – is the main character good or evil
Decisions with no “right” answer
Sacrifice that goes unnoticed
Sacrifice that makes the final ending more meaningful
Meanings and double meanings
Epic battles
Characters in the shadows
multiple view points
gore and guts
Complicated plots that you can follow
The creative process
The world as we see it
The world that we don’t see
The minutia and the impossible to miss
People’s hair
Seers' who can't See
Flawed heroes and heroines
Things turned on their heads
no poetry
no dream sequences
No “chosen one”

What's Your List?
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Reading / Writing Meme stolen from Meng.

Talk about novels that shaped the books you read and the type of writing you do.

01. Sophie's Choice - William Styron
I read this this year and it was amazing. Not only was it incredibly well written, interesting and so on, it changed the way I write (I have devoloped a use of the dash). Apart from the dash, I have begun to look at writing long and flowery passages as more useful, and have stopped being annoyed by them.

02. The Alchemist - Paulo Coelho
Also read it this year. I loved the childlike air to it, and it was incredible. It didn't really change the way I write, it just affected the way I look at books that I read now -- alot of them have a flavor of the book in it.

03. Abarat - Clive Barker
Fantasy novel that changed everything about the way I look at fantasy novels. Clive Barker uses old devices and mixes them up and changes them. It was amazing how the story followed a similar pattern as every story I've ever read, yet at the same time was completely orgininal.

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I'm redoing my profile I think. So, for properity, I am posting what my profile is, and has been for ages now. I never edit it, I haven't changed it except to add to it, and I think that its time.

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