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Dangnabbit! I didn't finish in time for assignments! Apologies, I have rectified.

Oh wow, is it that time of year again? I'd completely forgotten. Admittedly, last year was different for... some reason? I've been told that it was different anyways. Something about late sign ups or early -- couldn't really tell. I pretty much do this when told. WOOPS, should be better and not say things like that. (LOOK KAT, NOT EVEN BLAMING YOU FOR THIS THIS YEAR).

Anywho, my letter )
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Dear Yuletide Santa,

My mother always tells me to write thank you notes once I've received a gift -- like right away before anything else can happen and you forget who gave you the gift. I'm not terribly concerned that I'll forget who gave me this gift (for one thing, The Reveal has yet to happen, and for another, even if I did forget I could look you up. HELLO INTERNET I LOVE YOU), but I am always of the opinion that right now is better (... for thank yous? I mean, generally I am an impatient person when it comes to personal gain... though I am extremely patient in other parts of my life). POINT I WANTED TO WRITE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL AND FULL OF LOVE FOR THIS.

Um, but its me, so its not going to be beautiful. JUST FULL OF LOVE.

WHY AM I SO FULL OF LOVE? (this is a reference to a magnet on my fridge) )

So, yes, you have totally made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much.
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Wow, its been ages since I posted here. Anyways, its that time of year again -- Yuletide -- and since Yuletide has been magic to me, I am doing it again. :D

hello santa )

Dear Santa

Nov. 19th, 2010 08:23 pm
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Kat has once again convinced me into doing this :P

So here we are yuletide santa.

A letter to you )


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