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So went to see Sherlock Holmes 2 today. Really enjoyed it. I'm bulleting the things I liked, cause otherwise its a GIANT paragraph of nonsense:

- I have no idea what the style is, but Sherlock has a really nice use of doing the super slow-mo in action sequences in a way that heightens the action. I've seen it done in a lot of other films (Harry Potter 7.1, then there was some of it in Narnia 2), but Sherlock really uses it well, especially in the bits with Sherlock fighting and figure out how it goes down.
- Foreshadowing. Okay, I don't know if I can count on this considering my relationship with media these days and how I consume it (becoming more of a 'wow that was well constructed' rather then a 'WOW I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING' person), but there were some very good moments of foreshadowing: the urban camouflage and the oxygen breather come to mind the best. However, the adrenaline shot -- I knew that was going to happen the moment it came up.
- Oh, you know what I liked about the bit of dialogue when Sherlock's, you know, died, and Watson calls him selfish? I liked that Sherlock's wedding gift was used on Sherlock himself echoing the sentiment (though wtf Jude Law, what was up with the weird subdued upsetness over your best friend dying?)
- STEPHEN FRY! Though actually I like the Mycroft in the BBC iteration of Sherlock better, but STEPHEN FRY! Makes everything better.
- Sherlock not winning. Indeed, the middle section was a lot of struggle and I liked that because it made it feel like he had met his match.
- The end -- though I knew he was alive, and so I was a bit antsy for them to get to the point.
- Actually, that happened in the last movie too, where I was like "Wait, how are we still going?" This movie had much less of that and I like that. It was a lot of ACTION!

Overall thoroughly enjoyable and fun. Its the kind of movie I would call a 'romp'. Its not going to tell you about the meaning of life, nor is it particularly gripping, but its fun, and easy to watch and there's a mystery, and there's fun things going on and forward progression. Its fun, light, fluff. For those of us who aren't huge fans of rom-coms.
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