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So. Two things.

1. The Wind That Shakes the Barley is incredibly depressing. It made me cry through the last twenty minutes or so. You think for a little bit (well, I didn't, since I looked at my watch when this happened, hoping that it was the end) that everything is going to be happy, but then it get REALLY depressing because... well, it literally becomes brother against brother. *sniffle* TEDDY AND DAMIEN WHY WHY WHY? Anyways, went to see it with Melly and it was good, though incredibly sad.

2. Due to weather concerns, my parents decided that instead of going to DC tomorrow (to look at American, and fly back the same day) that we're going tonight. I feel the need to pack, but like, we're going for one night and that seems pointless. I'm trying to decide what to put on my iPod. Music or Scrubs (guh Zach Braff, now I want to see the Ex) (have you watched it? it makes me so happy. A comedy about a hospital which I think is better then Grey's simply because its funny, and so has little chance of turning into a melodrama... speaking of Grey's, the trailer for the new episode? Izzie's daughter turning up? Ew, why?)?

I better go in search of my plug into the wall thing for my iPod... we expect delays at the airport. Gross.

OH YEAH, AND --> I have really and truely lost my cell phone, as in I have no idea where it went in the SCHOOL. So don't try me on it, I will not answer. Though, if someone stole it, it would be annoying to them. Also, if someone stole it, monday the alarm will go off at 5 and it will amuse me. :D If I really need to get in touch with you I will be using my dad's cell phone. Its a 617-733 number. Just in case you are like "who is this?" Lucky for me, who finds memorizing numbers hard, I have all the numbers on a sheet I made when I switched over phones with my dad. :D

edit: Cillian Murphy... guh. I know its awful, but during the movie I kept thinking, "He is so pretty/hot". -.- Except for the part where... well, I guess you kind of have to see the movie.


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